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Sunday, December 3, 2017 is a day to be blocked by all Zoroastrian children. Due to an overwhelming response, all Registration Forms are to be submitted latest by November 15, 2017 to any one of the following:

  1. S.S.C. Schools : Mrs. Silloo Commissariat Tel. No. 23075591(9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.)

  2. Colaba & Cusrow Baug: Mrs. Jeroo R Irani Tel. No. 9920758587

  3. Godrej Baug, Neapean Sea Road, Kemps Comer : Mrs Yasmin U Dhanda Tel,No.: 9820343322

  4. Tardeo, Grant Road: Mrs. Dinaz Raimalwalla: Tel. No. 9769428280

  5. Dadar Mrs. Veera D. Mundroina Tel 9769801389/8779445962

  6. Mahim : Mr Kobad Kerawalla Mob. No. 9930468716

  7. Bandra: Mrs. Kashmíra Kapadia Mob. No.9819231825

  8. Western Suburbs :Mrs. Hutoxi D.AibaraTel, No. 26700583/9821227009

  9. Rustom Baug, Jer Baug, Mazgaon, Vikhroli and Eastern Suburbs2Mrs. Nilufer R. Dalal Tel. No. 9821582496

  10. Navroz Baug, Wadia Baug, Mr Nariman Mehta Tel. No. 022 24714244

  11. Thane :Mr. Bomi Boyce Tel. No. 9820333847

12 Pune: Mrs. Veera Patel Tel .No. 9850645908

For enquiries, please contact:
Mrs.Dinaz Raimalwalla:Tel. No. 9769426280
Mrs. Yasmin U Dhanda: Tel. No. 9820343322


Being Parsi

XYZ Being Parsi on Sunday, 23rd April 2017 from 6pm onwards at Allbless Baug, Charni Road.

This year, Being Parsi is a fancy dress competition where our XYZs will be dressed up in various costumes and will be given 1 minute to speak on who or what they have become. The competition will be in 4 age groups and each age group has to dress up according to the theme provided to them.

Each group can send a maximum of 4 members per age group (prior eliminations may be needed depending on overall entries).

Age Groups and Themes
4 – 7 years — Parsi / Irani cuisine or food item
8 – 10 years — Persian Kings & Queens
11 – 13 years — Elements / Symbols of Zoroastrianism
14 – 17 years — Eminent Parsis – Past, Present and Future

T​he volunteers will be getting in touch with you regarding the entries and details for the same.

XYZ Summer Camp is back…

A Summer Camp for our Xtremely Young Zoroastrians will be held simultaneously in Thane, Andheri, Bandra, Dadar and Colaba from Monday, 1st May to Saturday, 6th May 2017 from 11 am to 6 pm daily.

This is a week-long fun filled camp designed for children between 4 – 16 years.

The camp includes sports, art & craft activities, professionally conducted workshops, games, quizzes, competitions, cooking, teachings on religion, Gujarati speaking and writing & much more.

Summer Camp Registration Fees

1st April to 22nd April 2017
XYZ Member: Rs. 2,200
Non-XYZ Member: Rs. 4,200

23rd April to 30th April 2017
XYZ Member: Rs. 2,500
Non-XYZ Member: Rs. 4,500


There is a 1 day resort trip included for participants on Saturday, 6th May to Panoramic Resort, Panvel.

Parents and non-participants of the camp can also join at an additional cost of Rs. 1,000.
(Children below 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent)

Cheque Payments / NEFT for registration and donation can be made in favour of XYZ FOUNDATION

For further details & registrations click here: or call:

XYZ Foundation: Hoshaang: 9820683398 / Delnaz: 9820402142
THANE: Havovi: 9819006165 / Daisy: 9987577618
ANDHERI: Tinaz: 9820784395 / Armin: 9029038258
BANDRA: Keshmira: 9821484865 / Trithy: 9820221726
DADAR: Jeniffer: 9820534407 / Shernaz: 9820356213
COLABA: Khurshid: 9819283002 / Jezreen: 9820608880

Please do pass on this message.

Zarthushtra – The Golden Star

Here is a book named Zarathushtra -The Golden Star” written by Mrs. Pareen Lalkaka. The book deals with the life of the Prophet, stories of the Amesha Spentas and the Kusti Prayers. It is meant for children and is consequently written in extremely simple style so that children can easily read it, understand it, and enjoy it. To please children the book is illustrated with coloured pictures.

Ancient Iran was clothed with luscious vegetation. The farmers who cultivated the fields had flocks of sheep, cows, horses, dogs and camels. In the absence of money, these were exchanged for the purchase of the necessities of life. When strong people living on the frontiers poured down and attacked the innocent and carried away their cattle and eatables, they prayed to God for help. Ahura Mazda asked the Fravashis to go to the world to help mankind. They willingly agreed. Amongst those that came to Iran was the child Zarathushtra who was destined to rise as a prophet.

At the time of his birth Zarathushtra laughed, whereas all other children cried. As he grew up he became kind and generous. When he began to preach his religion, the hostile heretic priests carried on counter propaganda against him. Friendless and forlorn, Zarathushtra fled to Ahura Mazda and requested him to help him as a friend. He longed to see and greet Ahura Mazda. With the Lord God with him, he taught people to be kind and loving. Zarathushtra then visited King Vishtaspa and his noble queen, Hutaoshi, who helped him whole-heartedly.

Then follow stories about the Amesha Spentas. The fist King Hushang who discovered fire and other precious things for the nourishment of the people. The story of Zahak, Faridun and Kawa the blacksmith, Iraj the brave and kind and his brothers, Kaikhushru and other Kai kings and the lovely story of Shireen and Shehernaz ends the stories. The book ends with the Kusti prayers.

It is very creditable of Mrs. Pareen Lalkaka to have written such an excellent book. This book is of universal interest, and I am sure that people all over the world will enjoy reading it and will learn something about our prophet and have a glimpse of our religion.

by the Late Dastur M. N. DHALLA

M.A., PH.D., D.LITT.

Click Here to download the e-book – Zarthushtra – The Golden Star

Zochilday – 2015 – 30 November 2015

We invite all the Zoroastrian students around the world to be a part of this event. Please click below to download the forms of the coming zochild and send the forms duly filled with the required material to the nearby locations( To find the forms delivery addresses CLICK HERE) :

Please enroll for this mega event full of fun & learning, by 30th September to avoid disappointment.


For Zochild 2015. Please contact:

  • S.S.C. Schools: Mrs.Silloo Commissariat :022-2307 5591 (9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.)
  • I.C.S.C./C.B.S.E. Schools & baugs:
    Mrs. Yasmin U. Dhanda: +91 9820343322
  • Dadar: Mrs.Mithoo J Jesia : 022-24149571 / +91 9920971008
  • Mahim: Mr. Kekobad Kerawalla : +91 9930468716
  • Bandra: Mrs. Kashmira Kapadia: +91 9819231825
  • Western Suburbs: Mrs.Hutoxi D.Aibara: +91 9821227009/ 022- 26700583
  • Rustom Baug, Mazgaon: Mrs. Monaz A. Wadia:+91 9920268331
  • Jer baug, Vikhroli & eastern Suburbs : Mrs.Nilofer R. Dalal: +91 9920592496 /+91 9821582496
  • Nowroz Baug, Wadia baug, Tata Housing Colony: Mr.Kersi Mistry: +91 9821166064
  • Thane: Mr. Bomi Boyce: +91 9820333847
  • Pune: Mrs.Veera Patel: +91 9850645908


Click below to download Volunteer Registration form:
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