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The Parsi Religion by John Wilson


As contained in the Zand Avasta


Propounded and Defended by the Zoroastrians of India & Persia

Unfolded, Refuted and Contrasted with Christianity



President of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society and Missionary of the Church of Scotland, Bombay

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For You And Your Family
The Zarathushti Prayers

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For The First Time, We Will Be Featuring An
Intergenerational Father-Son Inspirational Dialog
within A Mobed Family from Canada
Mehbad And Xersis Dastur
We Are Also Featuring Two Outstanding Zarathushti Ladies
The BPP Chair Armaity Tirandaz from India
And Rukshana Driver From Singapore
Armaity Tirandaz holds the honor of being the 
2nd Female Chair In The History Of Bombay Parsi Punchayet
Do Join Us For This Very Special Webinar 
With Our BaHumata Super-Stars 
Ervad Mehbad Dastur (Canada)
Ervad Xersis Dastur  (Canada)
Rukshana Driver (Singapore)


Armaity Tirandaz (India)


This 24th Thought Provoking Inspirational Webinar 
Will Be Conducted By
 Our Very Own Zarathushti Neuro Scientist 

from Cambridge University in United Kingdom

Dr. Karishma Koka, PhD 

Founder, Host And Moderator of Ba Humata

Please Reserve Your Time For A Milestone Experience Of Your Life.


On Sunday, December 4, 2022

8:00 AM Pacific Time

11:00 AM  Eastern Time

4:00 PM UK Time

7:30 PM Iran Time
8:00 PM  UAE Time
9:00 PM Pakistan Time

9:30 PM India Time

Perth Australia, Singapore And Hong Kong Time

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 834 0882 6220

Passcode: BAHUMATA
The Facebook stream will be available at

Click On – Watch Video To Join The Webinar

FEZANA Call for Participants for the 67th Annual CSW Conference – 6th to 16th March 2023

The FEZANA UN-NGO Committee is looking for participants to attend the 67th Commission on the Status of Women Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York from March 6-17, 2023.

This year’s main focus will be on innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

For more information on the CSW67 check the Website:

Individuals interested in attending the conference, are requested to send their resume and letter of intent for attending the CSW conference by November 30, 2022.

Please send the e-mail to both individuals below:
Behram Pastakia (
Afreed Mistry (

FEZANA, as an NGO in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Department of Global Communications (DGC), will facilitate registration to the CSW Conference. The conference will be in a hybrid format (partially in-person and partially online).

The selected participants are expected to make their own financial arrangements regarding visas, tickets, accommodation, food, and transportation in the city.

Details about the vision, mission and activities of the United Nations can be accessed at

Co-Chairs, FEZANA UN-NGO Committee


Areez Khambatta passes away

The Legendary past chairman of WAPIZ, past President of the Ahmedabad Parsi Panchayat, world renowned Industrialist and philanthropist Mr. Areez Pirojsha Khambatta H/o Persis, F/o Piruz, Ruzan and Delna Expired. Paydast on 20th November at 9 hrs from Parsi Doongerwadi and Uthamna on Monday 21st November at 15.40 hrs at Parsi Agiyari Khamasa Gate, Ahmedabad.




With profound sorrow and grief, we announce the sad passing away, on 19th November 2022, to the heavenly abode of the Founder and Chairman of Rasna Group, Chairman of Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust and Rasna Foundation, Shri Areez Pirojshaw Khambatta. Shri Khambatta was also the former Chairman of WAPIZ (World Alliance of Parsi Irani Zarthostis). He was the past President of Ahmedabad Parsi Panchayat, Vice President of the Federation of Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman of India.

In addition, Shri Khambatta has contributed immensely to Indian industry, business, and most importantly societal development through social service, as the Commandant of Ahmedabad Home Guards & Civil Defence for 20 years. Shri Khambatta’s efforts in Entrepreneurship Development societal services have been recognized with a lot of awards, to name a few: He was awarded the President of India’s Home Guard and Civil Defence Medal as well as the Paschimi Star, Samarseva and Sangram Medals. He was honored with the National Citizen’s Award for outstanding contribution to the field of Commerce by the President of India, Honorable Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma. He was also awarded the Samman Patra by the Finance Ministry for his contribution to the National Exchequer as the highest taxpayer of Gujarat. He was felicitated by the Ahmedabad Parsi Panchayat and was chosen as the first ‘Outstanding Parsi of Ahmedabad’.

It would not be out of place to mention that Shri Khambatta started India’s original startup by creating the world-famous “Rasna” brand, which today also quenches the thirst of millions of Indians at an affordable price of hardly Rs. 1.00 that too with fruits, vitamins, and nutrients. Also, through his industrious efforts, thousands of jobs are generated directly and indirectly across India, and with his developing fruit-based products, millions of farmers have got better value for their crops across the country.

Rasna is a true example of a Make In India brand and is available in millions of homes in India and across 60 countries around the world and has always been a market leader in a segment dominated by MNCs.The Trust & Foundations under his Chairmanship and guidance have been involved in various projects to do with health care, education, scholarship, etc. from which thousands of people have taken benefit. Detailed citation of Shri Areez Khambatta is enclosed herewith. Shri Khambatta leaves behind his legacy to his wife Persis, Children Piruz, Delna, and Ruzan his daughter-in-law Binaisha, and grandkids Arzeen, Arzad, Avan, Areez, Firoza, and Arnavaz to follow. The family is committed to ensuring that his principles of duty to the country first, then our religion and duty to following his ideals be they in business or society, will be engraved in the family DNA for generations to come.

A Report on ZAC Atash Kadeh’s 6th Salgreh

ZAC Celebrated the 6th Salgreh of their Atashkadeh with Blessings and Messages from 3 Vada Dasturs

The 6th Salgreh of the Zoroastrian Association of California‘s Atash Kadeh was celebrated with great religious fervor and Parsi gusto on the 12th of November. The celebration started a week ago by deep cleaning the premises. On the day of Salgreh, Chowk was done by Vira & Barjor Santoke, a Hama Anjuman maachi was offered to Atashpadshah in all five gehs. Also, two Hama Anjuman Jashans were performed, one in the morning and one in the evening to facilitate the whole community by Ervads Zerkxis and Zarir Bhandara which was attended by about 75 Zoroastrians. After the Jashans, ZAC president Mrs. Rooky Fitter (in the morning) and Daisy Pithawalla, the Youth Coordinator of ZAC (in the evening) read the following message from the high priest of Iranshah Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor:

“Dear Humdinds, Greetings from the land of Iranshah!

I would like to express my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to my dear friend and a sincere Mobed, Er. Zarir Bhandara on this auspicious occasion, the 6th Salgareh of the Darbe Meher in California.

In many of my talks, I have expressed the need and importance of a religiously pious and scripturally knowledgeable Mobed who is willing to share his learning and insight with the community. This is the one way, our religious traditions will be protected and our religion; preserved.

This is what Zarir has believed in and has made every effort in the direction

of Preservation. He continues to take the trouble to play a contributory role in organising and being a part of as many religious gatherings as he possibly can, in his part of the world.

What strikes me as very impressive is that he has not only encouraged and motivated his son Zerkxis but has mentored him to follow his passion.

I am grateful to you Zarir, though so far away from your roots, you have in the past 50 years helped lay a strong foundation of religious wealth for the Zoroastrians in the U.S. Your sincere efforts towards maintaining the glory and sanctity of the sacred Atash Dadgah have not gone unnoticed nor have they gone in vain.

The community has derived its strength to survive and persevere with the blessings of the burning Holy Fire.

I pray that Dadar Ahuramazda and Iranshah Let your efforts bear fruit within our Community and May you receive their blessings in abundance.

May the Light of the Sacred Fire strengthen the Faith, bring Harmony, and Guide our community towards preserving our traditions and ethnicity eventually leading us towards enlightenment.”


ZAC Secretary Mrs. Vira Santoke (in the morning) and ZAC Treasurer Mr. Phiroze Gundevia (in the evening) read the following message from high priest Dasturji Dr. Firoze M. Kotwal:

“Dear Ervad Saheb Khushro Unwalla,

Many thanks for your message about felicitating Ervad Saheb Zarrir Bhandara on the auspicious day of the 6th Salgreh of your Atash Padshah Saheb. I am pleased that the Association of California has deemed it fit to felicitate a worthy priest who is involved in the service of the whole Parsi community. Kindly find attached my message for Zarrir to be read on the auspicious occasion.

With all the good wishes and blessings of Ahura Mazda,

Yours in His service,

Dasturji Firoze M. Kotwal

Felicitations on the 6th Anniversary (Salgreh) of the Atash Padshah installed by the Zoroastrian Association of California (ZAC)

On this auspicious day of the Salgreh of the Atash Padshah, Rūz Māhraspand, Māh Khordād 1392 AY, it is our sincere prayer that our Holy Fire may continue to shower his choicest blessings on the faithful devotees of California. It is our wish that the Holy Fire which is spiritually linked with the Divine Fire of Ahura Mazda, may continue to bestow its spiritual blessings on the Parsi Community until the time of the Resurrection. And may the Holy Fire also bestow his divine blessings on the Parsi Community and lead them always on the path of Truth and Righteousness.

It is very gratifying that the Zoroastrian Association of California (ZAC) is fortunate to have a good and sincere priest such as Ervad Saheb Zarrir Bhandara who has been helping the members of the community in all spheres of life to lead them onto the path of virtue.

It is my sincere hope that Ervad Saheb Zarrir Bhandara and his son Zerkxis will continue to serve the faithful and devout members of the Good Religion in matters of the religion and in their everyday life and serve as the true shepherds of their flock. May this father and son team live a long and healthy life and may the divine blessings of Ahura Mazda be bestowed upon them and the devout members of the Parsi Irani Zarthushti community of California.”

After which ZAC’s immediate past president Mobedyar Houtoxi Contractor read the following message from High priest Vada Dasturji Cyrus Noshirwan Dastur:

Dear Ervad Dr. Unwalla,

Here is my message to be read out on the auspicious occasion of ZAC Atash Padshah’s 6th salgreh:

I wish and pray to Dadar Ahura Mazda that the divine fire that was enthroned in California six years ago, may eternally keep burning and keep blessing the Zarthosty devotees with an abundance of happiness, success, progress, and prosperity. I also congratulate Ervad Zarrir F. Bhandara, my guru, on his 50 years of dedicated, selfless, and honorary service to our Zarthosti community in the US, North America, and globally. Zarrir you have been guiding our community with your expansive knowledge about our religion and I commend you for the same, may Ahura Mazda’s blessings be showered upon you forever.”

After which a note of thanks was delivered by Ervad Bhandara, thanking the ZAC executive committee and Ervad Zerksis for working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly and to Commissariat and family for preparing delicious Dhundar, Chawal, veg Patio, and Lagan nu custard and Yashmin Mehernosh Pithawalla for mouth-watering chutney sandwiches which were relished by everyone.


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The People We Know – Farrokh Suntook

How do you cope when, overnight, you discover you never really knew the person you loved the most?

This is the crisis facing Sheela Marker, a Sikh woman confronted with a shocking revelation about her Parsi husband Cyrus. Her response is to hide what happened, but the secret weighs so heavily on her that a year later she attempts to kill herself by jumping off a cliff in Mahabaleshwar, a hill station near Bombay. Her attempt is scuppered by Clarissa and Max Alexander, an English couple who have been touring India. Sheela’s burgeoning friendship with the couple allows her finally to reveal the truth about Cyrus. But with that friendship she also finds the freedom to discover herself – and change her life – in a way she could never have imagined.

This is Farrokh Suntook’s first published novel – and it is a tour de force, delicately handling a number of shocking revelations while holding the reader in suspense while dealing with a range of family and other relationships. Easily switching between life in India and in London, we become immersed in Sheela Marker’s life – and how she learns to accept what has happened. Born into a Parsi family in Bombay, Farrokh, married with a daughter and two little grandchildren, has spent most of his life in London, barring a spell in New York, where he did his MBA at Columbia University. Most of his working life has been in marketing research and consultancy, a by-product of which was a business book, The Stakeholder Balance Sheet, published by Wiley.

The People We Know is his debut novel and it brings another dimension to the books published by Bite-Sized Books.

Here is a review by Shireen J Vakil on the debut novel in Parsiana 21st September – 6th October 2022
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Mushkil Asan Behram Yazad

As children we have grown up hearing the story of Mushkil Asan Behram Yazad every Friday as our parents pray with chana and sakarya daana. This year for religion, we wanted all the children of XYZ’s Behram’s Batallion to not only hear the story but to be able to recite it. What better way to do that than enact a live play of the story.
Zeenia aunty approached us with this idea. We then asked Jenny aunty to help us write the script of the play and Roshan aunty to direct it, who readily agreed. Once the poster was shared on the group, within 10 minutes, we got 25 names for characters of the plays and dances and soon the rehearsals began. The rehearsals went on for more than a month as the language was pure gujrati and Roshan aunty drove us to perfection. Volunteers helped us with the props and stage management, costumes, music and lights for special effects. Now the question was where to get the money for these expenses. So we decided to sell tickets to see our play.
Ava, our president helped us design and print the tickets and within a few weeks we were housefull.
After a whole lot of practice and a grand rehearsal.. the day if the show, 12 November finally arrived.
The Dadar Athornan Madressa hall was packed with eager parents, grandparents, family and friends. Kids were biting their nails with nervousness and some were performing for the first time. Will the music play on time? Will my voice be heard? Will I remember my lines? Were some of the questions running through our minds… But with the help of Mushkil Asan we sailed through beautifully.
The audience applauded our performance with tears and laughter at the same time. Every member enjoyed being part of this play and we are sure they will now recite the story to their parents and join in our prayers to the all mighty Ahura Mazda and the ever helpful Mushkil Asan Behram Yazad.

FEZANA Call for Participants for the 2023 UN Water Conference ~ March 22-24, 2023

The FEZANA UN-NGO Committee is looking for participants to attend the 2023 UN Water Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York from March 22-24, 2023. For more information on the conference:

Individuals interested in attending the conference, are requested to send their resume and letter of intent for attending the conference by December 15, 2022Please send the e-mail to both individuals below:
Behram Pastakia (
Afreed Mistry (Afreed@fezana.orgFEZANA, as an NGO in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) will facilitate registration to the Water Conference. The selected participants are expected to make their own financial arrangements regarding visas, tickets, accommodation, food, and transportation in the city. Details about the vision, mission and activities of the United Nations can be accessed at,
Co-Chairs, FEZANA UN-NGO Committee

Dadi Mistry, Delhi – passes away

Dear Friends
With a very heavy heart have to inform that our dear Dadi Mistry, former President of The Delhi Parsi Anjuman, and husband of Nergish, Father of Armeen n Bella
Father in law of Navdeep n Margarita grandfather of
Shahryar married to Taara
Maneck married to Rachel
Meherab Daraius Bhavani n Chaitanya n great grandfather of Kersi Shahryar Shroff brother of Shahrukh n Katu,
passed away today morning at 9.45 am. May his soul RIP🙏🙏

Funeral today at 4.15 pm at our Parsi Aramgah.

Our deepest condolences to the entire family.

In grief
President, Vice President and Trustees
The Delhi Parsi Anjuman

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