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Welcome to the FEZANA Religious Education portal..

The site is designed to assist Zoroastrian Religion Class Teachers at various Zoroastrian organizations in North America.
The site has teaching material that is used by religion class teachers at the various Zoroastrian associations in North America. The two main groups of lessons are Zoroastrian History and Zoroastrian Religion.
Within each group the lessons are designated by their age appropriateness.
We thank all the religion class teachers who have contributed to this website and welcome contribution from all religion class teachers.
Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

Introductory audio-visual course


An Introductory audio-visual course for all ages above 21 years.

by Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia

Covering the topics Ahura Mazda — Zarathushtra — Religion — Philosophy — Practices -Man – Prayers & Kasti

Nine sessions, every Wednesday from 29th Oct. to 24th Dec. 2014 (7:15 to 8:30 pm.)

At Dadar Athornan Institute (Madressa) Annexe (2nd Flr).

Course Fees: Rs. 1,000/-

For Registration SMS: TZWL with your name on 9819914133 / 9833177692.

Direct entry on day of course, seats permitting

(Fees to be paid on the day of the course).

Courtesy : Firdosh Tolat


by Late Mr. Cursetji M. Patel ( Not a scholar but a Kind Spiritual Zarathushti soul who has given us many gems in his life time )

[Time is the predominant factor in evolution and, as such, when the time comes, things happen as destined in Nature. The time is now ripe when all the Zarthushtis of the world should become aware of the coming of the Saviour, RAENIDAR BEHRAM VARZAVAND. It is possible that some unfortunate skeptic may not believe in it. So be it, but at least let him/her be aware of it so that when it does happen, that individual will not be absolutely at sea.

“Truth is stranger than fiction” is known to many. Still, due to lack of faith, they mistrust and fall in doubt. Although in today’s world, there are charlatans, one wishes to be cautious, but by having intellectual faith, one can avoid falling a victim to such dubious persons. True faith can take a person towards salvation.

As mentioned in the scriptures, after the advent of Raenidar Behram Varzavand, for 500 years the world will experience a better and peaceful period, having sway of more spirituality and less materialism but before that, mankind will have to pay a very heavy price to Nature for all the wrong committed by thoughts, words and deeds.]

The world deluge or “Jag Rael” or the popular story of Noah’s Ark is mentioned in all the main religions of the world. Before the world gets submerged in water due to heavy rains, floods and melting of the ice-cap of the North Pole, as per the Zarthushti Deen, “Soshyos”, whose status is only next to Prophet Zarathushtra, leads the beings of the world towards the North Pole to a place called Pamir ­ the roof of the world. After a lapse of some thousand years, when the water on the earth recedes, and the world seems inhabitable, the people ­ the “Anjuman” which comes down from the roof of the world – is led by Gayomard, the father of the Aryan race. From this event, Gayomard starts another cycle of Time known in the Zarthushti Deen as “Zarvane Daregho-Khadat”. (In Jasame-Avangahe-Mazda, a Zarathushtis daily prayers ­ “Thwashe Khadatahe, Zarvanahe Akarnahe, Zarvanahe Daregho-Khadate” ­ all these three denote cycles of Time.) “Thwashe Khadatahe” is a person’s individual time cycle, viz., one round of Time, i.e., before birth, birth-death and after- death. “Zarvane Daregho-Khadate” is the time cycle of 81,000 years from Gayomard to the world deluge and “Zarvanahe Akarnahe” is trillions and zillions of years of unaccountable cycles of 81,000 years, i.e., “Zarvanahe Daregho-Khadate”.

We are at present concerned with “Zarvanahe Daregho-Khadate”, in the beginning of which very high souls descended on the earth, namely, Nabanaz-disht and Poryotakesh Ravans who upheld the white side of Nature and fought with the dark side. This was the bygone era of Mazdayasnis; till we come to King Lohrasp’s reign who, being a very holy and pious monarch, gave away his kingdom to his son, Gustasp, in whose reign, due to the “Pukar” (call) of Spenta Armaity (Mother Earth), Dadar Hormuzd sends to this earth, the Prophet of Prophets, Asho Spitaman Zarathushtra . This took place somewhere around 5,000 years after Gayomard. In Gustasp’s reign, Asho Zarathusht teaches the Zarathushti Deen, and breaks the cloud of Tur-bara-Tur, the pinnacle of formation of gross accumulation of the dark side of Nature, which gets vanquished and white side of Nature is the victor. After this, dynasty after dynasty with their rise and fall, come and go on the earth, one by one. Different religions came into being and from time to time, Raenidars came, taught and went. The last Raenidar Adarbad Marespand, under whose jurisdiction we are still, at present, was during the reign of King Shapur II (309-379 AD), about 1600 years ago, whose Avesta we pray today and whose reign will end when the new Raenidar Shah Behram Varzavand (blessed be his name) will rule in Iran, renovate and renew the Mazdayasni Zarathushti Deen and protect with peace and prosperity, the citizens of the world.

Here, we will try to understand about the coming Raenidar of the near future ­ Shah Behram Varzavand ­ who will not only be Holiest of the Holy, but who also will rule as monarch and will be the guiding spirit of humanity at large.

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Asho Zarathushtra and the Prize of Ten Pregnant Mares and One Camel!

Asho Zarathushtra and the Prize of Ten Pregnant Mares and One Camel! 

Gatha ha 44.18:

Paigambar Saheb Asho Zarathushtra is revered as a Renowned Yazad! It is so stated in Yasna (Ijeshne) ha 3 and 7 and also in various Yashts and prayers revealed in the Pak Avesta! He was not an ordinary human like us. The Pahlavi Dinkard describes Asho Zarathushtra as “ham-keherpi-e amashaspand”, i.e. One with the Ameshaspands! As an Immortal Divine Being, Asho Zarathushtrais completely attuned with Ahura Mazda’s Thoughts, Words and Deeds!

It follows that as a Spiritual Being, Asho Zarathushtra was not “born” to learn the lessons of life which we mortals require to; instead, He was sent by Ahura Mazda to teach us the Path to Asha, to Frashogard. Asho Zarathsuhtra is Appointed by Ahura Mazda as the “Ahu” and the “Ratu” of this physical world, geti (ha 29.6) and is held to be on the same spiritual level as the Holy Immortals, the Ameshaspands (Khordad Yasht, karda 1). Ahura Mazda announces that Asho Zarathushtra is the Only One, “aevo” (ha 29.8), who has heard His complete Sacred Manthra (Manthra Spenta is the Soul of Ahura Mazda as so stated in the Fravardin Yasht)! Here too, Ahura Mazda indicates that His Soul and Asho Zarathushtra’s Soul are “hamem” or in correlation with each other!

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CYMERA_20140710_214121Who is Pariamai ?

She is an angel, She is queen angel, She is Mother angel. She is Mother angel.She is Big Sister angel.She embodies all that is good, glorious, giving, generous.She is above definitions.Many who know of her try to classify her, trace her roots, present her history. Yes,Pariamai worship did begin in our motherland Iran and that to me is enough. She is a member of my family,she is everything to me, there may be ancient texts and books about her though I suspect most of the tradition is oral, To me all that is immaterial,. She is an angel,that is enough, One Tuesday morning, I found my Sasumai Banubai Minocher Choquri doing diwa in Pariamai’s name ,she explained me that Pariamai is worshipped everyday, but Pariamai’s power day is TUESDAY .From the plane of Saturn, if her devotees ask for anything truly especially on Tuesday. Pariamai enthrones at door of her devotees house, head and heart removes physical ailments, mental problems and financial worries.

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Excellent Interpretation for all Zarathushtis- Prayer / Meaning / Listening made available

Guide To Use

Just press Ctrl and take the cursor to any prayer and click, you will get to it ENGLISH will provide you with the meaning of each prayer
This is real wealth
You can also listen the prayer by clicking on MP3, mentioned therein.
Prayers from our Holy Khordeh Avesta For Zarathushtis.

GEHs (for different times of the day)
(Also available in Avestan and Transcription fonts)
Niyayeshes (litanies)
(Also available in Avestan and Transcription fonts)
Yashts (Hymns to Ahura Mazda, the Archangels, and the Angels)

1. Ohrmazd Yasht (Hymn to Ahura Mazda)  Transcription fontAvestan font

2. Haft Amahraspand Yasht (Hymn to the 7 Archangels)  Transcription fontAvestan font

3. Ardwahisht Yasht  Transcription fontAvestan font

4. Hordad Yasht  Transcription fontAvestan font

5. Ardui Sur Bano Yasht (Hymn to the Waters)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

6. Khwarshed Yasht (Hymn to the Sun)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

7. Mah Yasht (Hymn to the Moon)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

8. Tishtar Yasht (Hymn to the Star Sirius)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

9. Drvasp YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

10. Mihr Yasht (Hymn to Mithra)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

11. Srosh Yasht HadokhtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

11a. Srosh YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

12. Rashn YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

13. Frawardin Yasht (Hymn to the Guardian Angels)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

14. Warharan YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

15. Ram YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

16. Den YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

17. Ard YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

18. Ashtad YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

19. Zam Yasht (Hymn to the Earth)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

20. Hom YashtAvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

21. Vanant Yasht (Hymn to the Star Vega)AvestanEnglishTranscription fontAvestan font

Sirozas (Dedications for the thirty days of the month)
Siroza 1 Avestan English Transc. font Avestan font
Siroza 2 Avestan English Transc. font Avestan font
Afrinagans (prayers of blessing)
Afrinagan-i Dahman Avestan English Transc. font Avesta font
Afrinagan-i Gatha Avestan English Transc. font Avesta font
Afrinagan-i Gahambar Avestan English Transc. font Avesta font
Afrinagan-i Rapithwin Avestan English Transc. font Avesta font

Courtesy : Firdaus Nariman



Dokhmenashini In The Light Of Modern Science

A Talk by Ervad Dr. Minocher Dadabhoy Karkhanawala (BA, MSc, MS, PhD)


[Ervad Dr Karkhanavala was born in Mumbai. He passed his B Sc with chemistry and physics, completed his BA and then MSc from Wilson and Elphinstone Colleges. He did his MS in glass technology from New York State College of Ceramics and PhD in organic chemistry from Philadelphia University, USA. He was ordained as a Navar and Martab at Navsari. Ever since he was initiated as a priest at a young age, he wore the white priestly robes with white pugree daily throughout his life in India as well as abroad, at college/university and at his job at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). He represented India at the Geneva Conference on “Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy” and was Group Director, Health Physics Division and Chemical Group at BARC, Trombay when he passed away due to an untimely and tragic accident on 17th November, 1979. Dr Karkhanavala was a devoted scientist, a gifted teacher, an organiser, an administrator, a humanitarian thinker and a staunch follower of the Zoroastrian religion. He practiced what he preached. He believed that, like an escalator, science takes us there, that far but no further. It stops at the material world and that it is partial whereas religion is complete; it sees man as a whole mental, physical as well as spiritual. Religion takes over where science stops.]


My subject for discussion is the Zoroastrian method of disposal of the dead in the light of modern science. The theme prayer is from the Vendidad 5 and 6 wherein it is stated:


Datare gaethanam astvaitinam ashaum, kva naram iristanam tanum barama Ahura Mazda? Kva nidaathama? Aat mraot Ahuro Mazdao, barezishtvaecha paiti gatushva Spitama Zarathustra, yadhoit dim baidhishtem avazanam suno va kerefsh-kharo vayo va kerefsh-kharo. Aetadha he aete mazdayasna aetem kehrpem hvare-daresya kerenaot.


Therein we ask, “O Creator of this physical world, to where shall we remove and where shall we put the bodies of the dead?


Then spake Ahura Mazda, “O Holiest of Holy Zarathustra, to the highest place Thou shall carry and there you shall put, where indeed the corpse-eating animals and the birds can see. There shall you carry your Mazdayasnans and shall cause to make that body see the sun or expose to the sun.

In the last sentence is the basic principle of the so-called Khurshed Nagirashni (beholding by the sun), which forms the basis of our method of disposal.

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Courtesy : Pervin Mistry

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