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Ratan Tata, CM lays foundation stone for cancer hospital in Ranchi

‘In the next 20-30 years, Tata Trust hopes to set up a pattern along with the Government to reduce the number of deaths taking place due to cancer,’ said Tata.

RANCHI: Tata Trust Chairman Ratan Tata believes that the Tata Trust in association with the Government would be able to set a pattern to reduce the deaths caused by Cancer in the next 10-20 years. Ratan Tata while laying foundation stone along with Chief Minister Raghubar Das for the world-class cancer hospital in Ranchi on the lines of TMH in Mumbai, also lauded the central as well as the State Governments for showing their vision to tackle cancer by springing up a number of cancer hospitals across the Country.

“In the next 20-30 years, Tata Trust hopes to set up a pattern along with the Government to reduce the number of deaths taking place due to cancer,” said Tata.

Lakhs of people die due to cancer and many have lost their will to live due to the high cost of treatment and the difficulty involved, he added. Tata said that since North East region have a lot of cancer patients this hospital in Ranchi will be a great relief for the patients coming from the region and also play a leading role to tackle the disease.

“Tata Trust was committed to make Ranchi hospital a success which will also be a symbol of prosperity and good health of the people living in the area,” said the Trust Chairman. Tata praised the initiatives taken by the Governments, both at the Center and States, to tackle the disease.

“I believe the government at the Centre and the state governments have displayed considerable vision in setting up a string up cancer hospitals for the screening of cancer early and treat cancer at a reasonable cost and provide access to State of the art hospitals in India,” Tata added.

Chief Minister Raghubar Das, in his speech, said that the demand for this hospital was raised during Momentum Jharkhand summit in the year 2017 so that people do not have to go outside the State for treatment of cancer and other illnesses.

“As I was quite aware of the problems faced by the people, I tried to improve health services in the State, as soon as I became Chief Minister and started construction for 6 medical colleges in the last 4 years along with a centre of All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS),” said the CM.

With the start of the work for a cancer hospital in Ranchi, one of his greatest wishes was fulfilled, he added. Initially, there will have a facility of 50 beds in the Hospital which will be gradually increased to 300. People of Jharkhand will be given priority in the hospital and given some special facilities in the hospital.

50 per cent beds of the hospital will be reserved for the people hailing from Jharkhand. The hospital will have 14 world class operation theatres with 28 beds Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and a blood bank.



The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust is pleased to provide an update as on September 06, 2018 on the work done so far, funds received.

The support that The WZO Trust are extending in collaboration with The Kinder Trust at Bangalore is minuscule when compared to the total welfare measures that have to be undertaken to alleviate the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of individuals affected by the floods. However, both WZO Trust & Kinder Trust shall continue to do their bit in this massive humanitarian exercise.

As highways have been washed away it is still very difficult for vehicles to ply in the internal areas. Volunteers are trekking through inhospitable terrain carrying relief materials with them. Keeping these ground realities in mind, we have till date delivered two consignments comprising the following relief materials to the affected areas:

Ladies Jumpers,

Sarees & Blouse materials,

Ladies undergarments,

Ladies petticoats and nightwear.

Gents Jackets,

Gents & Boys underwear,

Assorted cleaning brushes,

Bleaching Powder,

Concentrated Phenyle.

Within the next few days it has been programmed to provide roof sheets and other cleaning & construction materials that will be required.

The Kerala Floods Relief appeal was first released by us on August 19, 2018. Since then we have received, as on September 05, 2018 donations amounting to Rs.22,51,392 from 118 donors. The WZO Trust extends its sincere gratitude to those who have contributed so generously towards this gargantuan exercise to alleviate human suffering.

However, much more needs to be done and funds continue to be required. We request Zoroastrians from all parts of the world to join us in our efforts to provide verified and trusted help to Kerala.

Donations by way of cheques made out in the name of The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust may be sent to our office at:

Hermes House, 3rd floor,

Mama Parmanand Marg,

Opera House,

Mumbai 400 004.

Direct remittances can also be made into our bank account:

Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank 

Branch: Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai 

Branch Address: D.B. House, H.S. Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001

Account Title: The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust 

Account Type: Savings


For donations within India: Account Number:400004259620019

For donations from overseas: Account Number:400004284180028

Donors making direct remittances are requested to let us have their addresses to enable us to send them our receipts. Donors from within India are requested to mention their PAN details.

Donations from within Indian citizens are subject to exemption under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act.

Overseas Donors may note that The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust is FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulation Act) compliant and authorised to receive funds from overseas.

Dinshaw K Tamboly;



Dear Friends,

As you know, the Kerala floods have been the worst floods experienced by humankind in the last 100 years. The floods have left 250,000 people homeless, 900 dead, and the state reeling under damages to the tune of USD 2.7 billion. It will take 5 years of consolidated effort and investment to rebuild this once-bountiful state of India. As one who has benefited amply from the loyalty and hospitality of Malayalees (the people of Kerala), who has chuckled at their ingenuity and marvelled at their intellect, I have pledged to donate the full sum of my earnings from my novel WAITING FOR JONATHAN KOSHY retailing worldwide on, from today till the end of this year. Coincidentally, the novel is about a high IQ Malayali, Jonathan Koshy, who can make a difference to everyone else’s life save his own. Anyone who purchases a copy of KOSHY from an Amazon site has my assurance that my part of the royalty will, in entirety, go toward this noble cause. Do buy a copy from any of the links below and then help spread the word through your network of friends and contacts. After all, there can be no greater joy than when the power of words translate into humanitarian actions – Murzban F. Shroff, AuthorBreathless in Bombay (stories) and Waiting for Jonathan Koshy (novel).

Waiting for Jonathan Koshy is available at the following Amazon sites:




























Physical book, India:

Aid for Kerala

Kerala, God’s own country, has borne the brunt of Nature’s Fury, floods of epic proportions, leaving in their wake destruction and suffering, hundreds of human lives have been lost, hundreds of thousand of individuals have been displaced, their homes and livelihoods lost, fields ravaged, crops destroyed. Humanity has rarely witnessed tragedy such as this in present times.

Understanding it’s social responsibility towards humanity, WZO Trust has undertaken to play a small but determined part, along with many other NGO’ in alleviating the suffering of those affected.

As a first step, WZO Trust has arranged to assist the flood victims of Kerala by organizing food packages and utility items through Kinder Trust, Bangalore headed by  the redoubtable Mrs. Diana Bharucha. Kinder Trust have already embarked on this humanitarian mission, by tying up with Indian Air Force to make available relief packages to those affected.

Kinder Trust, Bangalore are a well known Trust that looks after children with special needs in South India. (WZO Trust had supported them recently to purchase a vehicle to ferry children with special needs).
WZO Trust has as an initial measure, pledged Rs.500,000 from their own funds and request community members to add to the amount by contributing generously towards alleviating those affected by this calamity.
Cheques may be sent in the name of “The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust” to:
C-1, Hermes House, 3rd floor,
Mama Parmanand Marg,
Opera House,
Mumbai 400 004.

Those wishing to donate online may send their contributions directly into our bank account, details of which are as below:

For donors from within India:
(Donations are eligible for exemptions u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act; please do send an e-mail to facilitate mailing the receipt, and do mention your PAN Detail).



BRANCH ADDRESS:D B House, H.S.Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001


ACCOUNT NUMBER:400004259620019



Donors from overseas:

(WZO Trust is eligible to receive donations from overseas as per FCRA – Foreign Contributions Regulation Act):



BRANCH ADDRESS:D B House, H.S.Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001


ACCOUNT NUMBER:400004284180028



We look forward to community members extending a helping hand to those affected in Kerala, by donating generously through “The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust” for the humanitarian cause.
The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust

Urgent Appeal for blood in Mumbai

Hie Guys, my dad is slated to undergo a major Bypass surgery for which we require a lot of blood.
His blood group his ‘ O negative ‘ .

Donors are requested to donate at Breach Candy Hospital’s Blood Bank on the 6th or 7th (Preferably on the 7th) August, under the patient’s name ‘Cherag Tarapore’. Please do notify me of the same.


If any of you have O-ve blood group and could help by donating, Kindly do contact me at the earliest.

Piran Tarapore.



Good Evening all, thank you so much for all the help…
The quota for O Negative Blood as for now has been completed. However, Will stay in touch incase need arises during the course of operations which is scheduled for the 8th.

Thank you so much once again for all the help and for reaching out to us in our time of need.
Regards, Tarapore Family.

Urgent Medical Help Required

Ladies and Gentlemen,  This boy is a Young Practicing Ervad at our Bandra Agiary. He is currently in ICU at Bhatia hospital. The below message is an appeal from his parents.
Any help for the young Ervad is welcome.

Our son Malcolm, aged 20, is in a very critical stage on ventilator at Bhatia Hospital, in an isolated ICU unit. He has been diagnosed with blood cancer. His WBC, PLATELET COUNTS, HEARTBEATS etc have dropped drastically.
Dr has said that approx cost wd be Rs.60000/- per day. The 3 lakhs mediclaim coverage is also exhausted by now. It is my earnest request to please help and donate as much as you can, either in cash or cheque in the name of Darayus Hozdar or by Bank transfer or personally handing over the donations to Ms Pervin Langrana, at D3- Flat No.82, Bharucha Baug, Andheri West (mobile 9819173501)
Bank account dtls :-
Bank of India
BKC Branch
IFSC code :- BKID0000122
Name : Darayus Hozdar
Branch code : 000122
Maharukh and Darayus Hozdar, D2-53, Bharucha Baug Andheri West.


Update : 22 July

Very sad news. Bharucha Baug’s 20 years old Malcolm Hozdar expired today early at 2:30 am. Paidust at 9 am today morning. May his soul RIP in Dadaar Ahura Mazda’s garothman behest. Sincere condolences to family and friends.

Medical appeal for young Zarir Daruwalla, in Bombay

Zarir Daruwalla
16, Banaji House,
N. Contractor Baug,
3rd Floor, Mori Road, Mahim,
Mumbai 400 016.

dtd:- June 12, 2018

Mobile: 9833614842
E Mail:

Dear Sir, Madam


I, the undersigned, Zarir K. Daruwalla, aged 35 years, wish to put forth my case for financial assistance to enable continue with my treatment for cancer.

I was diagnosed with a high grade Type B Non-Hodgkins Lyphoma which is a type of cancer in September 2017. I was hospitalized in P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre in Mumbai for 6 months for the treatment for which I had incurred a cost of Rs.13 lacs. This amount was covered through my mediclaim and with the kind support of my family and friends. In addition, to enable cover the cost, the World Zoroastrian Organization had very kindly granted a sum of Rs. One lac for the treatment.

I wish to inform you that until August 2017 I was working at J. P. Morgan Chase Pvt. Ltd. drawing a salary of Rs. 42,000per month approx. I stay with my mother who has toiled all her life in bringing me up. She was working in a small private firm and has retired two years back. Until last year I used to take care of my grandfather as well.

I have been advised further treatment to ensure it does not relapse, for which in April 2018 have incurred an expenditure of Rs.1.87 lacs (copies of bills can be sent) for various tests carried out in the P.D. Hinduja Hospital to ensure I have the fitness and immunity to undergo further treatment.The treatment recommended which would enable me live for a long time is Dendritic Cell Therapy by Dr. Jamal Khan. The cost for this treatment will be approximately Rs.4 to 5 lacs as per the estimate enclosed herewith.

Even today, I am not able to sit or stand for a long time and am very weak. As this treatment has stretched for more than nine months now, I have lost my job as well though the company was kind enough in supporting me to the extent they could to retain my job.

I have used all my savings and since I have no funds to continue with the treatment, I have out forth my case for your kind consideration. I shall be indeed indebted to you if you could kindly assist in granting financial assistance to the best extent you can, which would immensely help me continue with the treatment which would tremendously give me with the will to live and lead a normal life.

In case you require any further documents to support my case, I am most willing to do so.

I shall be grateful if you could kindly consider my case sympathetically and look forward to receiving your favourable response.

My bank particulars are:

Name: Zarir Kersi Daruwalla
Name of the bank: HDFC Bank
Account No. 50100153274264
IFSC Code: HDFC0000411
Branch: Malad (West), Mumbai
Address of the Bank: HDFC Bank, China Link, Ground Floor,
Opposite Goregaon Sports Club, Link Road,
Malad (West), Mumbai 400 064.

Thanking you, I remain,

Yours faithfully,
(Zarir Daruwalla)

Zarir doc 01

Zarir doc 02

Zarir doc 03

Noshir Dadrawala’s Contribution At ICNL

Noshir Dadrawala is known to most on our community as an eloquent speaker and a prodigious writer on religious and community related issues, or as a trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet. However, few know of his professional attainments in addition to the above.

On 9th June, 2018, Noshir completed two terms of office as Director of the Board of the globally renowned International Centre for Nonprofit Law (ICNL), which is headquartered in Washington DC (USA). He was the first Indian to be appointed on this Board in June 2012 and as per ICNL’s constitution, since no Director is allowed to continue beyond two terms of three years each, in recognition of his contributions, he has been requested to continue as a member of ICNL’s Advisory Board.

ICNL works in over a hundred countries worldwide with the mission to promote an enabling environment for civil society, philanthropy and civic participation around the world. Through ICNL, Noshir has also been contributing for the last several years to the Council on Foundation’s country codes and laws which are intended to assist grant-makers and their advisors when undertaking equivalency determinations for foreign grantees under IRS Revenue Procedure.

Noshir has actively worked with ICNL on several research programs, the most recent being, ‘The Philanthropy Law Reports’, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The report can be read online at: ICNL’s President and CEO, Prof. Douglas Rutzen who teaches at Georgetown University Law Center and serves on the Advisory Board of the United Nations Democracy Fund, said, “You (Noshir) are an inspiration to me.  You’ve worked on issues of philanthropy and civil society for many years and despite challenges, you’ve retained your optimism, dedication, and constructive engagement.  It’s an honor working with you.”

Noshir has also contributed his expertise for the ‘Civic Freedom Monitor’ and his Report on India can be read at: Noshir’s country note on India can be read online at:

ICNL’s Chairperson, Dr. Oonagh B. Breen who is also Professor of Law at the Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin, while giving Noshir a formal farewell, referred to him as a “reliable Indian knowledge source.”

Poverty to Prosperity | The Zarathushtis Of Zavda | WZO Trust Funds

The World Zoroastrian Organization Trust & WZO Trust Funds is proud to share with you the video unveiled at the World Zoroastrian Congress 2018 held in Perth, Australia this past weekend.

In 2006 when WZOTF began its work in Zavda 14 Zarathushti families lived below the globally defined poverty line of USD 1.90 per day. Some were even living on less than USD 0.95 per day.

Today all 14 families have been rehabilitated and in one way or another benefit from the a combination of programs that WZOTF runs such as poverty relief, food grain distribution, education and self employment. WZOTF has also installed solar panels which provide water and electricity to 11 of the Zarathushti homes in Zavda.

We ask you to please share the message of the good work being done by the WZO Trusts.

If you have not yet subscribed to our YouTube channel please do so, there are a lot more hope-filled stories coming your way.

Thank You.
The World Zoroastrian Organization Trust & WZO Trust Funds have been working in the village of Zavda since 2006 to rehabilitate 14 poor Zarathushti families. Families were living below the poverty line of USD 1.90 per day. In many cases families were living on USD 0.95 per day. It is a heartening story of a village resurrected and now standing relatively on its own.

Seva Kitchen distributes free food to patients and their relatives in 11 hospitals

A thing called free lunch: People mill around Seva Kitchen volunteers at CIIMSA thing called free lunch: People mill around Seva Kitchen volunteers at CIIMS   | Photo Credit: S. Sudarshan

Seva Kitchen is bringing free food to patients and their relatives in 11 hospitals across six cities

Baidyanath Dharamshala, next to Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Regional Cancer Hospital & Research Centre in old Nagpur, is usually deserted for the better part of the day: most of the boarders here are family members of patients at the hospital and spend much of their time there. Every evening, though, the dharamshala comes alive with laughter and conversation when Seva Kitchen volunteers arrive with free food for the boarders.

Reena Banjara’s husband, a construction labourer from Chhattisgarh, has oral cancer and is being treated at Rashtra Sant Tukdoji hospital; with both out work now, they are running out of money fast. “We get good food, free, once a day,” says Reena Banjara, who is lodging at the dharamshala. “This small saving means a lot,” she adds.

At your service

Reena Banjara’s relief can be traced back to the weeks Khushroo Poacha, a railway official in Nagpur, had spent with his mother at Nagpur’s Central India Institute of Medical Science (CIIMS) when she was admitted there in 2014.

The hospital, located at the centre of Nagpur, draws patients from far and near. Although CIIMS is considered expensive, middle-class people from the hinterlands come here for the quality of treatment it offers. Patients’ relatives usually fail to find suitable accommodation in the surrounding expensive areas and often end up on the pavements.


“I would observe people outside the hospital — mostly patients’ family members — cooking chapatis on the footpaths, eating it with chilli powder or onions. I was already sad because of my mother’s illness, and this made me more miserable,” Poacha says. While patients get food in the hospital, the accompanying relatives, who sometimes have to stay on for months at a stretch, usually find the rates of the hospital cafeteria — or indeed of any decent eatery in this area of the city — too high.

Bothered by what he had witnessed at CIIMS, Poacha asked his friend, Amit Badiyani, whether he could feed a few people at the hospital once a week. Badiyani agreed, and he and his wife began taking food to CIIMS every Sunday, serving people on the pavements.

Poacha had prior experience in helping people in need of medical assistance. In 2000, he had started the now ubiquitous, an online portal which helps people find blood donors.

Poacha’s mother passed away later in 2014; though grieving, he retained his interest in the work the Badiyanis were doing. “There would be 200 people rushing for 25 plates,” he remembers Badiyani telling him. “I asked Amit how much he spent, and he said ₹1,500.” Poacha’s managerial instincts kicked in: ₹60 a plate sounded expensive. “I thought ₹1,500, economically spent, could feed more than 200 people. We set up a kitchen in my house, and on November 23, 2014, we cooked a meal for 50.”

The next Sunday, they upped the number to 200, and carried the food to CIIMS on a handcart. He was joined in by his family, his brother’s family and the Badiyanis. They continue to do this every weekend: the initiative was named Seva Kitchen, which has expanded since to cover hospitals not only in Nagpur but in five other cities — Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Thane, and recently, Mumbai. Most of the hospitals, including CIIMS, allow them to distribute food inside the premises.

Magic boxes

Seva Kitchen’s expansion has been brought about mainly through discussions on the social media. Soon after they had started, someone had posted about the initiative on Facebook, and Poacha was flooded with requests from people wanting to join them, as well as with donation offers. But Poacha would accept only donations of seva, service.

“We decided that it has to grow through compassion and not money,” Poacha says. The group now has 500 core members working for 11 hospitals in different cities.

Poacha’s project did not stop with Seva Kitchen. A couple of years later, the group came up with the idea of installing a refrigerator in hospitals which would stock healthy food — milk, juice, biscuits, fruits — that would be given out to patients and their relatives for free. CIIMS agreed to host it, members chipped in, bought one and installed it on new year’s eve, 2016.

They called it Neki ki Pitara, Box of Kindness. “Since then,” Poacha says, “almost every month we have been installing refrigerators at various hospitals.” All are paid for out of group members’ personal funds. Social workers attached to the hospitals inform Seva Kitchen volunteers when stocks run out, and volunteers refill them. “It costs between ₹5,000 to ₹7,000 to refill one; we have been doing that too without donations.” In fact, Poacha notes, smiling, “There is strong competition to refill; there have also been fights!”

Poacha hopes that the idea will spread even further. “We plan to open Neki ka Pitaras in schools for orphans and the lower-income groups.” The challenge, he says, is getting hospitals to agree; he hopes hospitals will approach the group rather than having members plead with them for space and permission.

Meanwhile, the group has come up with a food-sharing app, also called Seva Kitchen, which will help people share excess food with those who need them. Since its launch in the peak party season, the week between last year’s Christmas and January 1 this year, the app has seen just over 500 downloads and 313 registrations.

Next on the to-do list is a possible tie-up with Mumbai’s legendary dabbawallas to collect and distribute excess food.

Pavan Dahat

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