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Fire Retardant Attire For Mobeds

Teams – Empowering Mobeds & WZO Trusts

Saturday October 24, 2020 was indeed a dark day, not only on account of the Pandemic but more so that Er. Zahan Meherzad Turel, all of 14 years young, a shining star of our Mobedi clan, suffered severe (48.5%) burns injuries whilst performing the ‘boi’ ceremony at Goti Adarian, Surat.

After being administered basic treatment young Zahan was rushed to Masina Hospital at Byculla, Mumbai, where he was given treatment for an extended period of time and thereafter discharged on Monday, January 04, 2021.

Fortunately for Er. Zahan Turel, he received excellent treatment at the Burns Unit of Masina Hospital and is well on his way to recovery.

Such a grisly mishap is not the first such incident that our Mobeds have had to contend with whilst tending to our revered fires. It is beyond imagination that in this day and age our Mobeds continue to perform religious ceremonies without a modicum of protection.

The incident triggered off intense discussions amongst the core group of Team Empowering Mobeds (a joint initiative of WZO Trust Funds and Athornan Mandal). After proactive discussions where various options were considered it was finally decided to have ‘Jamas, Padan & Hand Pockets (for Boiwala Mobeds to wear when inside the kebla) made from fire retardant fabric that would provide reasonable safety to our Mobeds whilst carrying out various religious ceremonies.

Over the last few months, experiments were undertaken to test fire retardant fabrics that would provide safety to Mobeds in case of embers landing on their ‘Jamas, Padan & Hand Pockets’.

Trials have been conducted, where Mobed Volunteers have worn Jamas made from different fabrics of thickness comparable to existing Jamas (on which the fire retardant process would be added later on) to test the comfort levels.

A well wisher Mr. Viraf Sohrabji Mehta who was keenly interested in the project coordinated the exercise with Ms. Firoza Karani, Director of Casablanca Apparels Pvt. Ltd., in having samples made and trials done for which we are most grateful to both of them.

It has now been decided to place an order for manufacturing 800 sets each of ‘Jamas & Padans and 200 sets of hand pockets with Casablanca Apparels Pvt. Ltd., a well known garment manufacturing unit established in 1993 that manufactures a variety of garments for both domestic and export markets.

As fire retardant fabric is not available off the shelves, Casablanca Apparels have placed an order with Arvind Mills, Ltd., to produce the minimum quantity required. The fire-retardant fabric is expected to be ready by mid-June 2021, and the final product ready for distribution sometime between mid to end July 2021. A set each will be offered gratis to practicing Mobeds for their use, should they be interested.

After the fabric has been manufactured, appropriate certificates of the fabric having Fire retardant properties will be obtained from Arvind Mills, the manufacturers of the fabric, as well as Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) an international inspection agency that inspects Apparels, Machinery, Medicines etc, before shipments.

High Priests, Dasturji Dr. Firoze M. Kotwal, Dasturji Khurshed K. Dastoor, Dasturji Keki P. Ravji Meherjirana, Senior Mobed Aspandiar Dadachanji, have all been informed about the initiative and their approval received.

After using the initial set, if Mobeds are satisfied in all respects, it will be for them, or their Agiary Trustees / Panthaki’s to procure additional sets from the manufacturers against payment. A suitable system will be put into place that will make it convenient to procure future supplies.

The ever-generous Trustees of Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao have committed to make funds available for this initiative through WZO Trust Funds which will facilitate the initial production from fire retardant fabric of 800 Jamas 800 Padans and 200 pairs of Hand Pockets.

Mobeds, Panthakies and Trustees of Agiarys wishing to accept sets of Jamas & Padans and Hand Pockets made from fire retardant fabric are requested to contact and coordinate with:

Er. Hormuz A. Dadachanji,
D. E. Mithaiwala Agiary,
Opp. Grant Road Station (West),
Mumbai 400007
Telephone Contact (+91) 9820493812


It is clearly understood, implicitly agreed to and accepted by the Mobeds using attire made from Fire Retardant fabric that the initiative taken by Empowering Mobeds & WZO Trusts and funded by Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao has been undertaken solely with the intent of providing safety to our Mobeds.


Empowering Mobeds, WZO Trusts or The Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao, their Trustees and members will under no circumstances be held responsible or liable should the product malfunction / is found ineffective / does not offer protection / or causes any other complications.


It is also reiterated that The Trustees / Members of Empowering Mobeds, WZO Trusts or The Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao have no commercial / pecuniary benefit from this project. 

Dinshaw K. Tamboly;


C – 1 Hermes House, 3rd Floor,

Mama Parmanand Marg,

Opera House,

Mumbai 400 004

Tel. Nos: 91 – 22 – 23684451 / 52 / 53

Relief & Rehabilitation of Zoroastrians who have been severely affected financially due to the Covid Pandemic

Dear Donors, Friends, Well Wishers,

We, World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust & WZO Trust Funds have begun to plan for relief and rehabilitation that will need to be undertaken for Zoroastrians who have been affected through loss of livelihood due to the Covid Pandemic.

A Write-up cum appeal as below is being sent to donors all over the world with a request to extend support for the many Zoroastrians, who have all been severely affected in different ways.

It is requested that generous support be considered towards this humanitarian of epic proportions.


We expect to commence once the lock down has been lifted and travel restrictions have been eased; sometime hopefully my mid-May or perhaps a bit later. We envisage it will take us around 5 months at the very minimum to complete this humongous task and look forward to receiving support.

Best wishes,






The world over, people are presently wrestling with the unprecedented implications of the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic. It is a human crisis unlike any experienced earlier.


By way of providing immediate relief during the pandemic, We, The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust and The WZO Trust Funds have played a reasonably proactive role by supporting from our own funds, Masina Hospital at Mumbai to create isolation facilities, as also recommended to and facilitated overseas donors to support this initiative, and supported the distribution of food packets through volunteers of ‘Pehchaan’ to migrant workers and slum dwellers of Mumbai suffering from hardships.


With the lockdown scheduled to be progressively lifted from mid May onwards, the time is now on hand to planning and focus on providing relief and rehabilitation to Zoroastrians who have been adversely affected economically due to the pandemic.


Given the severity of the pandemic one can foresee that once the lockdown and travel restrictions have been lifted or eased, the focus will have to be on continuing to provide relief, as well as to organize rehabilitation of Zoroastrians who have been severely affected – in cities, towns and villages. The tasks are undoubtedly extremely daunting and will require long term effort and commitment.


When the lockdown has been lifted and travel restrictions eased, it will be necessary to not only continue relief but also to plan rehabilitation strategies, as may be necessary, for Zoroastrians who are facing immense hardships as a result of the pandemic.


Providing relief is a temporary measure, whereas organizing rehabilitation is a distinctly and extremely long process that entails first counselling distressed minds to be optimistic, followed by assessing what would be the most practical and quickest manner of rehabilitating entire families who would have lost their jobs or means of livelihoods and / or suffered from illnesses during the troubled times and finally raising resources from donors that would be used to bring affected families back into the mainstream of society.


To successfully rehabilitate Zoroastrians affected by the pandemic, it will be essential that all hands (volunteers and donors) will need to be on deck, doing what they can do best to alleviate the suffering.


The main impacts of the lock down that will need to be addressed are:


1 Arranging food grains packages for Zoroastrians in cities, towns and villages who have suffered economic hardships
2 Financial difficulties being faced by families of white collar workers having received only half their regular salaries and in many cases no salaries
3 Financial difficulties being faced by families of blue collar workers not having received salaries as the factories, workshops have all had to shut down.
4 Financial difficulties being faced by individuals involved in modest Self Employment initiatives such as driving autorickshaws, commercial taxi’s, auto mechanics, stationery shops etc who have been unable to go about their professions.
5 Full time Mobeds who are not employed by Agiyaries but are daily wage earners many of who presently have no income.


6 a)    Supporting agriculturists who have been unable to harvest their standing crops that have decayed on account of non availability of labour force.

b)    Dairy Farmers having suffered financial setbacks as milk collected from their livestock’s being unable to reach the processing dairies; difficulty in obtaining feed for their cattle.

c)    Poultry farming having come to a standstill as it has not been possible to transport the fully grown fowls to processing units.

d)    Brick kilns are an industry having a short 7 month window (December to June); Zoroastrian beneficiaries who have established kilns in their villages have suffered severe financial setback as the migrant labourers have left for their native places leaving half baked and unbaked bricks causing immense hardships.


Total amount of funds required for the entire rehabilitation package as above are estimated to be in the region of Rs.13,200,000 (Rupees thirteen million two hundred thousand or Rupees one crore thirty two lakhs). The time frame for completing the work is estimated to take between four to five months.


Service to our people is the need of the times. We can at best play a proactive role by using all the means available to us in terms of manpower and by raising resources from donors.


We request individuals and institutions from all over the world, having the means and resources, to dig deep into their pockets and donate generously to enable us to undertake rehabilitation of the many Zoroastrians who have suffered untold misery during the pandemic:


Donations may please be sent by cheques to:

The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust

C-1, Hermes House,

Mama Parmanand Marg,

Opera House,

Mumbai 400 004


Donations can also be made directly into our bank accounts, details of which are:


For remittances from within India For remittances from overseas converted into INR
Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank
Branch: Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai. Branch: Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai.
Branch Address:

D B House,

Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort,

Mumbai 400 001

Branch Address:

D B House,

Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort,

Mumbai 400 001

Account title:

The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust.

Account title:

The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust – FCRA.

Account No: 400004259620019 Account No: 400004284180028
Account type: Savings Account type: Savings
  Swift Code: BKTRUS33

Donors should provide the address where their receipts should be mailed and also inform their PAN details.



Donors should provide the address where their receipts should be mailed.


We look forward to receiving support from community members from all over the world that will facilitate our undertaking and completing this gigantic humanitarian exercise.


Very Sincerely,

Dinshaw K Tamboly;



Dinshaw K. Tamboly;


C – 1 Hermes House, 3rd Floor,

Mama Parmanand Marg,

Opera House,

Mumbai 400 004

Tel. Nos: 91 – 22 – 23684451 / 52 / 53



The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust is pleased to provide an update as on September 06, 2018 on the work done so far, funds received.

The support that The WZO Trust are extending in collaboration with The Kinder Trust at Bangalore is minuscule when compared to the total welfare measures that have to be undertaken to alleviate the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of individuals affected by the floods. However, both WZO Trust & Kinder Trust shall continue to do their bit in this massive humanitarian exercise.

As highways have been washed away it is still very difficult for vehicles to ply in the internal areas. Volunteers are trekking through inhospitable terrain carrying relief materials with them. Keeping these ground realities in mind, we have till date delivered two consignments comprising the following relief materials to the affected areas:

Ladies Jumpers,

Sarees & Blouse materials,

Ladies undergarments,

Ladies petticoats and nightwear.

Gents Jackets,

Gents & Boys underwear,

Assorted cleaning brushes,

Bleaching Powder,

Concentrated Phenyle.

Within the next few days it has been programmed to provide roof sheets and other cleaning & construction materials that will be required.

The Kerala Floods Relief appeal was first released by us on August 19, 2018. Since then we have received, as on September 05, 2018 donations amounting to Rs.22,51,392 from 118 donors. The WZO Trust extends its sincere gratitude to those who have contributed so generously towards this gargantuan exercise to alleviate human suffering.

However, much more needs to be done and funds continue to be required. We request Zoroastrians from all parts of the world to join us in our efforts to provide verified and trusted help to Kerala.

Donations by way of cheques made out in the name of The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust may be sent to our office at:

Hermes House, 3rd floor,

Mama Parmanand Marg,

Opera House,

Mumbai 400 004.

Direct remittances can also be made into our bank account:

Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank 

Branch: Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai 

Branch Address: D.B. House, H.S. Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001

Account Title: The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust 

Account Type: Savings


For donations within India: Account Number:400004259620019

For donations from overseas: Account Number:400004284180028

Donors making direct remittances are requested to let us have their addresses to enable us to send them our receipts. Donors from within India are requested to mention their PAN details.

Donations from within Indian citizens are subject to exemption under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act.

Overseas Donors may note that The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust is FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulation Act) compliant and authorised to receive funds from overseas.

Dinshaw K Tamboly;


Great Opportunity – Exhibition on Shahname

Dear Humdeens.,
A week after World Zoroastrian Congress, Silloo Mehta of Mazdayasnie Connection is organizing a grand exhibition on Shahname by Firdausi , that contains hundreds of timeless mystical gems ,a giant  literary epic on our Daena.
Tu Inra durug o fosane madan, ba yeksan dar zamane madan
do not think these to be lies or imaginary, Remember , times are  not same always.
Basi raj bordam darin sal-e-si ,ajam zindeh kardam ba din parsi
I bore hardships for thirty years and I revived the mute with the religion (civilization and culture) of the Parsis.
Azin bishtar dar kurad ba kherad , digar bar rahe ramz ma-ani barad
some of it can be understood by intelligence, the rest is esoteric and mystical
This is going to be a grand exhibition with great models , paintings and lectures for three days .
Pending confirmation of suitable venue the tentative dates are intended to be Friday, Saturday , Sunday 3,4,5 January .2014 , in Mumbai .
Those who have been to her exhibition before, know the painstaking and great efforts that go to make her exhibition a success. The most likely venue would be Sohrab Palamkot Hall, if it works out.
This exhibition will be even on a grander scale, since it is going to be global audience of people attending the World Congress. Many volunteers with dedication to follow up and just coordinate the various aspects are required.  . All financial aspects and funds will be met by Mazdayasnie Connection .  Only your efforts , dedication and  time are required.
Silloo has identified 5 main areas in which help will be required .
Coordinating venue for the exhibition .:
Coordinating with model architects and painters.
PR, press coordination , making banners.
Booth set up, exhibition hall management
Operation on Days of Exhibition ..all volunteers will in some way will
be coordinating on the days of the exhibition .
This is going to be once in a lifetime opportunity for the Khshnoom Anjuman, but without your help it cannot be possible .
Bad in nameh bar umraha be-guzard ,be-khanad haran kas ke darad kherad
Lifetimes shall pass , on this Shanameh .Those who are spiritually wise shall read it, . Meaning ions shall pass , yet, my Shahnameh will outlast them .
The spiritually wise , will understand the mysticism contained in my poem  
Above quotes and translations are taken form the Mazdayasnie Connection.
So there you have it. This is the  greatest charity you can do for your religion and it is not going to cost you anything .
Please consider volunteering for this noble and once in a lifetime cause.   
Kindly send in your contacts telephone and e-mail addresses to me and I will forward it to Silloo.
Since she is organizing a tour of Iran on the 17th of April ,please send in you names before that date.
If you need any clarification  or questions to be answered please contact me
 Also include your phone number and I will be more than happy to call you and discuss even on the phone. Any of your friends who are not members of our site are also welcome .
In fact, I would request you to pass the  word around to your Humdeens who would be interested in taking part in this great venture.


Sam M.Billimoria

Blood Doners required in Mumbai

Dear all,

Dear friends and wonderful neighbours of ours, in their late 70s, Sheroo and Minoo Balsara, both very staunch Zoroastrians, are in urgent need of replenishing the blood that was used for the mother’s hip replacement operation at the Parsi General Hospital, a few days ago. As seems to happen so often, whilst she was in hospital, the father slipped and fell and hit his head and thanks to a blood clot having developed therefrom, he has had to be moved to the same place too – he was in a coma – I am not sure about his present condition. All known sources have already been made use of, like the friends of their grandsons but more blood is required.

If any of you know anyone willing to donate blood please read the following email and do the needful ASAP. Thank you very much.

Could you please ask your parents & anyone else you know that my sister in Bombay is despirately looking for volunteers to donate blood as my mother needed a lot of blood during & after the operation & now they need to replenish the supply.

My sister Jeroo’s mobile number in Bombay +91 9820723730 .

Please ring Jeroo and help a wonderful family if you are able to.

Thanks once again,



Volunteers Required

This is a reminder to the post : 

Our fire temples need young, strong and willing hands to clean them.

Volunteers eager to help please contact  

Sharmin – 9833410254

Ronisha – 9022810235.  

Just a bit of your time would make a big difference.

Please forward this message to all your Paris / Irani Zarathushtri friends.  

Courtesy :  Behram P Dhabhar

Zoroastrian Stree Mandal – Secunderabad & Hyderabad

22nd June 2009


Dear fellow Zarthoshti,

The Zoroastrian Stree Mandal, Hyderabad and Secunderabad, is a charitable institution, affiliated to the Indian Council of Social Welfare. It has for long been involved in the cause of upliftment of Zoroastrians in the lower strata of society.  The Mandal close to five decades now, has been relentless in its work for the Parsis of the Twin Cities, where most of their activities are centered, and thanks to efforts made by the Mandal, it is with a feeling of pride and satisfaction that they can claim that no person needy of anything will have to go without it for the lack of finances.  Be it monthly ration supplies, educational assistance or medical expenses, it is all taken care of by the Mandal and not only financial support, even the ever important emotional, psychological and moral support is provided wherever and by whoever it is required.

Read more

Zarathushtis Without Borders – Dubai


Approximately 161 million people in this world are visually disabled or blind and
approximately 2 billion people need eyeglasses. Unfortunately, in developing countries, most of the people cannot afford proper eye care. This limits their vision, their ability to work and their quality of life. Your old eyeglasses can literally change a life.

Zarathushtis Without  Borders
For those packing their bags to attend the 9th World Zoroastrian Congress in Dubai, to be held from 28th December 2009 to 31st December 2009;
a reminder : — please bring used and useable eye-glasses which will be collected and shipped to third world countries for distribution at eye camps in 2010.
Be sure to attend the session on Operation Eyesight at the  world congress to share your ideas and opinions.
For those, who will not be travelling to Dubai, please look through your closets and desk drawers and if you have any eye-glasses to donate, see if you can send them through the 700 Zarathushti participants // who will be gathering in Dubai this month.
Contact: Khush Bodhan to join in giving the gift of sight to the underprivileged.
Volunteer opportunities to travel to eye-camps are available throughout the year.
No special training is required; just a good heart and a willingness to help.
Just last month, a successful camp was held in Mexico.
Details of upcoming eye-camps are at
 Behram Pastakia
Metropolitan Washington DC
12 December 2009

Agyari Cleanup Movement – Volunteers Required

Volunteers required for cleaning up of Fire Temples in Bombay.
This Agyari cleanup movement has been initiated by 3 girls of the Gamadia Hostel.
Those humdins who wish to volunteer their services please contact :
Sharmin Damania –  9833410254
Ronisha Chinoy –     9372422344
Dalzin Ghadoiwala – 9869145684
Behram P. Dhabhar