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WOMENS WEEK SPECIAL – 8th March 2012


WOMENS WEEK SPECIAL —Planned around 8th March 2012

Dear Friends, Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest religions has survived from prehistory. The UNESCO Parsi -Zoroastrian (Parzor) project has been working to generate awareness of this miniscule minority and has undertaken research in various fields, working towards the preservation and promotion of Parsi Zoroastrian Heritage and Culture. One of the important activities undertaken by Parzor has been research in Parsi textiles and hand embroidery. This unique craft form draws on the best of East and West. Iranian, Indian, Chinese and European influences combine to create this multicultural tradition.

UNESCO Parzor has been reviving this exquisite craft by researching symbols and designs, some of which have been passed down for 3000 years. We have trained a new generation of Indian artisans, while creating understanding amongst the Parsi community about their wonderful heritage. Based on authentic designs, motifs and colors, Parzor has created beautiful contemporized products for you.

Baaya Design, an exclusive Retail Store, dedicated to folk art and traditional craft, is planning an exciting in-store event celebrating womanhood in the month of March. (8th March is women’s day). Parzor has been specially invited to Mumbai to join them. Our products include accessories such as stoles, purses, wallets and mobile covers. A range of stationery and gift items such as wall hangings, cards and gift envelopes will be available. Most of our items carry an authentic explanation of the significance ofthe designs and symbols used based on many years of our research.

BAAYA DESIGN STORE Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Next to Phoenix Mills, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 13.

Ph: 022-65210165

MARCH 6 -10,2012(10.30am – 7.30prn)/ MARCH 11 ( I 1.30am- to 5.30pm)

On behalf of Parzor, we invite you, your family and friends, to visit the Parzor counter at the Baaya Design store. We celebrate not only this wonderful craft but also pay homage to the women who hand craft these products. All proceeds go towards research and preservation of our rich heritage. Your support will help preserve a Heritage of Humanity.

Dr. Shernaz Cama

Director UNESCO Parzor Project

Sir Ratan Tata Trust


Activities during 2010-11

During 2010-11, the Trusts completed their fourth year of activities based on the Strategic Plan 2011 (SP 2011). The total disbursals made by the Trusts during the year were Rs1,687.09 million ($38.34 million). Disbursals of Rs1,367.54 million ($31.08 million) were made on all programme grants during the year. Endowment grant disbursals totalled up to Rs22.17 million ($0.50 million). Small grants touched Rs25.24 million ($57 million). Fifty-six new programme grants, one endowment grant and fifty-two new small grants were added to the Trusts’ portfolio during the year. The total disbursals to individuals amounted to Rs272.14 million ($6.19 million).

Click Here for their website and each individual link below for downloads of their activities.

Water Sector Policy Research Kharash Vistarotthan Yojana (Gujarat Salinity Initiative)

 Interlinking Water Harvesting Structures Through Link Water Channels
 Integrated Development of Valadar Village Through Wasteland Development Initiative
 Agriculture and Water Resource Development in Salinity Ingress Affected Coastal Areas

Elementary Education

 School libraries and reading
 Impact Assessment reports of Eklavya

Reviving the Green Revolution

Watch the video
 Basmati IPM Project impact assessment report
 Cotton IPM Project impact assessment report

Sukhi Baliraja Initiative

 Impact assessment report

Central India Initiative (CInI)

 CInI Newsletter – Volume 2 (August 2009)
 Kharif-Maize Stabilisation Programme
 Institutional Viability of Lift Irrigation Federations Promoted by Sadguru Foundation

Himmothan Pariyojana (Resolving the Himalayan dilemma)

 Study on Agrochemicals usage in the vegetable belts of Uttaranchal

Early Literacy Project

 Explorations and Reflections Part 1: Theoretical Perspectives
 Explorations and Reflections Part 2: Interventions in Hindi Classrooms


 Impact assessment report of Kalanjiam Foundation
 Health Financing: Protecting the Poor
 Feasibility of a Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) at Wayanad, Kerala
 Report on Community Health Insurance in India
 ACCORD Community Health Insurance: Increasing Access to Hospital Care
Rajasthan urban poor cash flow reports

Knowledge on Non Profit sector

 Pravah and appreciative enquiry 2000 – 2003
 Flowing together at Pravah: An appreciative enquiry

Annual Reports

 Annual Report 2010-11 (3.99 MB)
 Annual Report 2009-10 (4.44 MB)
 Annual Report 2008-09 (7.79 MB)
 Annual Report 2007-08 (4.08 MB)
 Annual Report 2006-07 (8.43 MB)
 Annual Report 2005-06 (8.68 MB)
 Annual Report 2004-05 (3.52 MB)
 Annual Report 2003-04 (4.32 MB)
 Annual Report 2002-03 (2.11 MB)
 Annual Report 2001-02 (173 KB)
 Annual Report 2000-01 (1.68 MB)
 Annual Report 1999-00 (2.08 MB)

Other Directories

List of Parsi Institutions Worldwide
Wedding, Navjote, Sagan
Zoroastrian Agiyaris-Atash Behrams on Google maps
Zoroastrian Darb-e-Mehrs in USA
List of Mumbai Agiaries and Atash Behrams
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If anyone has access to any more, please send it to us – we will put it up free for the community.

High stakes at an ill-tempered Parsi election

Fire Dwellers

High stakes at an ill-tempered Parsi election
Over the past two weeks, Parsis have been coming out to elect a new member to one of their richest charitable trusts, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP). Election expenses are not to be winked at, with about Rs 25 lakh of trust money being spent on things like rain shelters for voters. Candidates are spending greater amounts to court voters with dhansak dinners and full-page newspaper ads.

BPP Announces Elections



Owing to the resignation of Trustee Mr. Noshir H. Dadrawalla an Election for a post of the Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet will be held as per the below-mentioned Election Schedule.

As per Clause No. 14 of the Scheme for Election, any person who shall at the time of Election be a member of the Parsi Community, of not less than 30 years of age (this restriction of age does not apply to any Candidate who has attained the age of 25 years and whom a majority of not less than 2/3rds of the members of the Anjuman Committee desire to be so exempted, by a written requisition to the Trustees) and who shall have been Proposed and Seconded by members of the Anjuman committee i.e. General Member or Donor Member, are eligible to stand as Candidates.

Such candidates have to fill in the prescribed form (available from Bombay Parsi Punchayet’s Office), accompanied by a cash deposit of Rs.5,000/-. The deposit shall stand forfeited, if the Candidates fail to secure atleast 5% of the total votes cast at such an election.

All those members on the General Register and Donor Register, who have so far not collected their Certificates, are requested to collect their respective Certificates to be eligible to exercise their franchise.

If the Certificate has been lost or destroyed, members on the General Register and Donor Register can apply on or before 16-6-2011 for a duplicate certificate, application for which has to be filled in a prescribed form along with payment of a fee of Rs. 10/-. As per the scheme in force, Members on the General Register and Donor Register will be allowed to vote only on production of their respective Certificates. No duplicate Certificates will be issued and / or collection of original certificates  permitted after 16-6-2011 including on the Election days at the Polling Centres.

The Registers are frozen as on 26-4-2011 (at 5.30 p.m.). Only those Members, whose names appear on the General Register and the Donor Register,as on 26-4-2011, will have voting right at the forthcoming Election.

If nomination is received from only one candidate, in accordance with the sanctioned Scheme, such candidate will be declared duly elected.


(1)       A member can exercise his/her voting right at any of the Centres and dates specified above.

(2)   Certificates collected on production of Authority Letters by a third party should have the member’s signature duly attested either by a Notary or Special Executive Officer. Members whose certificates are not attested will not be allowed to vote.

(3)   In case of there being a tie, in the number of vote cast between two Candidates, Rule 210 (xv) of the Scheme would apply and the date of the result would be deferred by 4 days. in such an event the declaration of the result on the Notice Board of the B.P.P. would be declared on 11-7-2011 and same would be published in the Newspapers on 12-7-2011.

(4)   Members of the General & Donor Register who have been issued two or more separate certificates (one issued earlier and the other taken again subsequently) can vote only once and only one certificate will be treated as valid.

(5)   Voters have to elect one Trustee by placing a cross against only one name on the Ballot Paper that will be supplied to them. If more than one cross is affixed against any name, the entire Ballot Paper will become invalid. Similarly, if crosses are affixed against more than one candidate such Ballot Papers will also be treated as invalid. Any identification mark other than a cross will invalidate the Ballot Paper.

(6)   As per Clause 4(d) of the Scheme for the Election of the Trustee each Donor Member vote would be counted/treated as two votes. However, the donors have to affix only one cross against their selected name of the candidates.

(7)   Voters should note that only those certificates bearing the caption ‘General Register’ or ‘Donor Register’ would be treated as valid.

In the event of there being more than one candidate,
Election will be conducted as per the Schedule given hereunder


  1. Availability of final List of Members on the General / Donor Register     9-5-2011
  2. Nomination Form for Trustee’s Election will be   issued and accepted from                  9-5-2011

  3. Last date for filing Nominations to Trustee’s Election         17-5-2011

  4. Last date for withdrawal of Nomination           25-5-2011
  5. Publishing of the names of candidates    in Newspapers                                 29-5-2011
  6. Last date for collection of Member Certificate      or its Duplicate              16-6-2011
  7. Election dates at five centers from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.i) Khareghat Colony, Hughes Road      19-6-2011

    ii)      Cusrow Baug, Colaba     25-6-2011

    iii)    Rustom Baug, Byculla       26-6-2011

    iv)    Dadar Parsi Gymkhana     2-7-2011

    v)     Bharucha Baug, Andheri (W)   3-7-2011

  8. Declaration of Election results by Scrutinizer & President latest by           7-7-2011
  9. Result to be published on the Notice Board of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet latest by    7-7-2011
  10. Result to be published in Newspapers latest by         8-7-2011

It is further notified that the full list of registered members on the General and Donor Register eligible to vote for the forthcoming Trustee Election is available on the Web and members can verify their enrollment or otherwise on the net address which is

By order of the Trustees

(M. P. Colah)
Chief Executive
Bombay Parsi Punchayet

Noshir Dadrawala

Press Release

31st March marks the end of Financial Year and closing of Books of Account. However, for me, 31st March 2011 marks a voluntary end to my stint as trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) and closing for good an unfortunate chapter in my otherwise extremely successful and joyful book of life.

Yes, indeed, after serious thought and prolonged deliberations with close friends over several months, I finally decided to step down.

Professionally I have been involved in the field of philanthropy and management of charities for two and a half decades. I have advised the government of India and served on expert committees of the Planning Commission of India. I have helped to set up some of India’s best Corporate & Family Foundations and continue to serve as trustee of some of the best institutions in the country and abroad. I teach philanthropy management at two of Mumbai’s best Business Schools and the company which I head is the first port of call for people from across the world seeking guidance on philanthropy, be it the Gates or Google Foundation or celebrity clients like cricketer Steve Waugh and Oscar winning director Danny Boyle whose Jai Ho Trust I govern as Managing Trustee.

With the long years of experience that I had gained and the goodwill that I had earned among members of all communities, I thought it would be good to focus some of my energy to the welfare of my own community through its apex body – the BPP. However, my dream to serve the community soon turned into a nightmare. I was appalled seeing archaic systems of micro management and total lack of transparency and accountability. Difference of opinion is healthy. But, what I encountered at BPP was rank hostility and total disregard for any alternate point of view. The policy was clear – ‘if you are not with us then you are against us’.

To cut a long and sordid story short, I found myself totally incompatible with the rest of my team members.

On every Board that I have served (15 to be precise, including 2 international Boards), I have used a simple litmus test – ‘Am I Effective’ & ‘Am I Enjoying the experience’. My litmus test proved negative on both counts where BPP is concerned. Therefore, after considerable thought, I finally decided to step down. Not because I was tired of battling a lone battle for positive change. But, because I genuinely feel that I have bigger and better things to do in life that waste my time and energy with a team that has an ideology totally incompatible to my own. Although a charitable institution, it has become a political seat of power where lakhs of rupees meant for charitable purposes are blown away on needless and wasteful litigations and tabloid propaganda.

My deciding to step down has neither been easy nor impulsive. But, I knew since long that sooner or later I would have to let go. And, letting go doesn’t mean giving up… it simply means moving on – in my case to bigger and better things in life.

I’ll be leaving shortly for the United States of America to attend the prestigious Global Philanthropy Forum and thereafter organize a similar event in India. Indeed, there is an exciting and beautiful world of Philanthropy beyond Petty Parsi Politics and I am happy that I am no longer a part of the latter.

My resignation may throw up some debate and people will shower me with both brickbats and bouquets. However, on my part, I refuse to be drawn into any further controversy or debate. My tryst with BPP has ended and I would like to make my exit peaceful and devoid of all bitterness and rancour.

I thank all those who have supported me, for they have made me feel good. I also thank all those who have not supported me, for they have helped me to emerge more resilient.
Noshir H. Dadrawala

Burjorji Umrigar Memorial Trust Funds

A Private Fund has been established under BURJORJI UMRIGAR MEMORIAL TRUST FUNDS in 2010  for the Parsi and Iranian Zoroastrian Youth – between 18 to 25 years of age, born of both Zoroastrian Parents who desire to pursue studies in Avesta, Pahlavi and Ancient Iranian Languages in the Western Universitites. The youth must reside in the USA or Europe, THEY MUST BE USA CITIZENS.

In pursuance of above clauses, applications will be invited from April 2011 and consequently every following years in the month of April. The annual scholarship is in the amount of US$4000.00

The Trustees of the said fund will decide in granting of this scholarship. Their decisions will be FINAL AND LEGAL BINDING.

In pursuance of the establishment of Burjorji Umrigar Memorial Trust Funds, recommendations from the university presidents,deans of the applicants plus two references from the academic professors will be needed. The Trustees reserve the rights for thorouh investigations the candidates’ backgrounds.

This scholarship is only for studies of Avesta, Pahlavi and ancient Iranian languages and not for the study of ancient History.


JANUARY 15, 2011 – USA

Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) – New Website

Welcome to the new website of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP). The new site aims to make it easier for the Zoroastrian community to be aware of the wide range of activities being carried our by the BPP. Various sections have been introduced to make communication open and easier.

Modules such as a Blood Bank, Matrimonial section and Careers are aimed to help the community and will be up very shortly. Finally, the site also acts as an “umbrella”  as it aims to be the central starting point for the various BPP websites that had been developed earlier.

Click Here for the website

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